#873 Frosmoth | PokéWalls


It shows no mercy to any who desecrate fields and mountains. It will fly around on its icy wings, causing a blizzard to chase offenders away.

– Pokémon Shield Pokédex

Frosmoth is the evolution of Snom. It was not revealed prior to the game’s release, so I first saw it when I evolved my Snom. I think I like Snom more than Frosmoth… it’s not bad, its wings are pretty, but it’s too fat, haha.

Frosmoth is Ice/Bug type, which is a new type combination (shared only by Snom). It’s not a great type combination, being 4x weak to both Rock and Fire.

Stat-wise, it has pretty high Sp Atk and decent Sp Def, but it’s kind of slow.


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