What have been the most googled Netflix crime dramas of 2022? – The Killing Times

It’s that time of year again, when lists reign supreme. We have our own Top 20 Crime Drama Of The Year kicking off on 27th December.

Elsewhere, new data has revealed the most popular Netflix crime dramas of the year.

Google search data was used to find the most searched and in-demand TV shows that appeared on the streaming giant.

1 Inventing Anna (210,000 average monthly searches)
2 The Tinder Swindler (49,500 average monthly searches)
3 Dahmer… Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (33,100 average monthly searches)
4 Our Father (22,000 average monthly searches)
5 The Most Hated Man On The Internet (9,900 average monthly searches)

As you can see from this list the top five are all true crime adaptations – truly now the most dominant sub-genre of crime drama. According to Statista, true crime drama falls into the most popular sub-genre of TV Shows for the UK as it gathered 44.3 per cent of the audience demand.

More to come, no doubt, in 2023 – especially on Netflix.


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